Summer in Davos

Davos is magnetic. From the breathtaking alpine terrain to the countless activities on offer in the Davos countryside - the varied natural beauty of the Alps, the warm atmosphere and an incomparable selection of exquisite events ensure that no two visits here are ever the same. With its offerings for discerning travelers and seasoned sports enthusiasts, Davos is a firm fixture on the world's wish lists.

Below you will find some information about excursions in and around Davos:

With the Davos Premium Card you benefit from many advantages
Public transport and guest program from the first overnight stay

From your first overnight stay, the Premium Card includes local public transport (including discounts for trips to the side valleys of Dischma, Sertig, Monstein and Davos Wiesen), the Inside winter guest program and individual offers from the Active summer guest program.

The Premium Card is particularly attractive for guests who wish to use a mountain railroad during the summer season. They benefit from greatly reduced prices from the first night.

Davos Premium Card

Davos Zügenschlucht rock nature trail (approx. 4.5 km)
In the direction of Tiefencastel, just after Monstein and Glaris, you will find the entrance to the Zügenschlucht gorge at the Schmelzboden restaurant. On this approx. 1-hour hiking trail through the wild and romantic Zügenschlucht gorge in the direction of the Bärentritt waterfall, you will find interesting information about all kinds of rocks from and around Davos at regular intervals. These are marked with signs and detailed information can be obtained from a brochure, which you can pick up free of charge from the Mining Museum - right next to the Schmelzboden restaurant.

Zügenschlucht Davos mobility trail (approx. 4.5 km)
This is the same trail as described above, from Schmelzboden to Wiesen Station. The mobility trail is not an educational trail in the conventional sense, i.e. there are only a few information boards. However, from time to time you will come across a telephone number that can be used to call up exciting and interesting information on mobility, usually directly related to the respective location, by cell phone.

Art history trail
The art history trail consists of 35 information boards on various buildings in the Davos landscape. Ask our Réceptions team.

Davos landscape trail
14 display boards show the Davos landscape in all its diversity. Please also ask our reception team.

Nature trails

  • Jatzmeder (Rinerhorn) to Sertig Dörfli. Duration approx. 2 hours
  • Jschalp - Clavadeler Alp. Duration approx. 3/4 hour
  • Wiesen - Filisur, from Wiesen station via the Wiesner railroad viaduct to Filisur, duration approx. 1 3/ 4 hours. (Ask for detailed information at the reception)

Eco-power trail - Experiences on the Bernina
Ospizio Bernina is the starting point for the eco-power trail (12 information boards) in one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in Switzerland. The hike, which is particularly suitable for families, leads along the idyllic Lago Bianco via the Alp Grüm viewing terrace to Cavaglia

Davos has around 700 km of well-developed walking and hiking trails covering an area of 254 square kilometers. Below you will find a small selection of all the different hiking routes.

A) Erb-Alp - Usser-Erb - Stafelalp (1894 m) - Chummeralp - Chummertäli (1913 m) - Bärentaler Alp - Davos Glaris
This hike leads from Davos to Glaris with varied ups and downs and constant views of the Landwasser valley. Despite the culmination point at around 2000 m, this hiking tour can be classified as easy to moderately difficult.
Walking time: 5 ½ hours
Return journey: with RhB: Glaris - Davos (free with guest card)

B) Davos Glaris (1443 m) - Bärental - Alteiner Fürggli (2491 m) Valbellahorn (2763 m) - Alteingrat (2370 m) - Wiesen (1421 m)
A tough but very rewarding tour, which offers a wonderful view of the Palü/Bernina area from the Valbellahorn. The Alteingrat, on the one hand botanically very varied, shows us the Davos landscape from a rather unknown perspective with the individual farms typical of the Walser settlement.
Walking time: 8 ½ hours
Transportation costs: Davos - Glaris Wiesen - Davos (free with guest card)
Outward journey: with RhB: Davos - Glaris
Return journey: with RhB: Wiesen - Davos

C) Davos - Wägerhus am Flüelapass (2207 m) - Jöriflüelafurgga (2725 m) - Jöriseen - Jöriflesspass - Vall Fless - Röven
This hike takes us through the unique high mountain landscape of the Jöriseen lakes. Although the ascent takes just under two hours, this mountain hike can be classed as moderately strenuous.
Walking time: 4 ½ hours
Transport costs for outward journey: Postbus: Davos - Wägerhus
Return journey: Postbus: Röven - Davos

D) Hike to the Silberberg with a tour of the mine and museum Wildboden - Frauenkirch - Junkerboden - Spina - Monstein - Alte Erzgruben - Bergbaumuseum Schmelzboden
This hike leads along the Landwasser valley with a few small ascents and descents practically on the elevation curve at 1500 meters above sea level. It is combined with a visit to part of the former lead/zinc mine (tour of the tunnels) and the opportunity to visit the Graubünden Mining Museum at the end. It is possible to join the group in Monstein.

Good footwear is required for the visit to the mine and the descent to Schmelzboden.

Walking time: approx. 4 ½ hours, from Monstein approx. 2 hours
Transportation costs: For train ticket
Return journey: with RhB: Monstein - Davos station

E) Madrisa (1887 m) - Rätschenjoch (2602 m) - St. Antönien (1420 m)
Not only high above everyday life, but also high above the Prättigau, this rather leisurely hike takes us over the Rätschenjoch through the Gafia Valley to the old Walser settlement of Rüti-St.Antönien.
Walking time: 4 - 5 hours
Transportation costs: Postbus: St. Antönien - Küblis
RhB: Küblis - Klosters
Outward journey: RhB: Davos - Klosters (Madrisa)
Return journey: Postbus: St. Antönien - Küblis
RhB: Küblis - Davos (guest card from Klosters)

Daily horse-drawn carriage rides (including full moon rides) in Davos' beautiful side valleys

Day trip with the historic Flüela stagecoach (5 horse-drawn carriages) into the wild and romantic Dischma valley

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