The history of the Central Sporthotel Davos reflects the history of Davos. In 1853 Davos was a farmstead. Located between the north and south of the Alps, Davos played a significant role for the French and the Venice warlords and later as a trade place for animals skins, milk products, wheat and wine.


The Central Sporthotel Davos building was a mill at the time. Today the millstone in our lobby and the name of our street “Tobelmühlstrasse 1” reminds us of it.


The found of the Central Sporthotel Davos, the great and great great grandfather of the present hotelier family was at the same time a wine merchant, a miller and a “Säumer”. In the summer and winter time he passed the Flüela Pass with horse and carriage to carry wheat from the Etsch Valley and wine from the Valtellina.


Sometimes he took one or more passengers to the Tobelmühle tavern, which later became a passers hotel. When Davos’ doctor, Alexander Spengler; discovered the speciality of the height climate and Davos became world famous in medical science for lung and respiratory tract therapy, the Tobelmühle tavern was more and more modified and enlarged.


Meanwhile the Alps became a popular holiday resort during the summer and winter. Skiing became a fashionable sport. Davos developed further and gained many new facets. Nowadays the freshness of the summer, hiking and climbing are being rediscovered. The Central Sporthotel Davos has transformed itself with Davos from a simple tavern to the Central Sporthotel Davos. Today it is run in its the 5th generation, the youngest hotelière in the family, Patricia M. Guyan.